The Ayia Napa Strip Is The Best Way To Experience Cyprus’ Nightlife

What Is Ayia Napa Stip Famous For?

Ayia Napa strip is best famous for its nightlife for decades, its one the places which provide the best nightlife in whole Europe.

Whether you are looking for a crazy holiday, family trip or just a break from your boring and hectic job, Ayia Napa strip always has something to offer to whatever your needs are.

Why it is the best tourist destination in Europe

Beautiful beaches: Since Cyprus is an island you can expect to enjoy beautiful sunsets from every corner of the country. Cyprus is known for its beautiful beaches.

A huge number of clubs: Cyprus has been known for the nightlife and pubs from ages and Aiya Napa strip is leading place for clubbers across Europe. This, in turn, leads to gaining a lot of tourist attraction and a huge number of new clubs openings.

Supportive government: the government of Cyprus is very supportive towards the promotion of tourism and

It is doing everything to promote more tourism.

Its people: Cyprus is a birthplace of Aphrodite, Aphrodite is a goddess of love and passion. People from all over the globe come to Cyprus in search of fun, love, and passion.

Coolest things to do at Ayia Napa Strip

Thalassa museum

Despite being one of the coolest party destinations in whole Europe, Ayia Napa strip also accommodates one of the best museums in Cyprus.

This museum contains great historically significant proof about Cyprus culture and artifacts.

If you are on a family trip then this place is something you must visit, but even your purpose of staying as Ayia Napa is to party then also you can spare daytime to know about the history of Cyprus.

Waterworld Water Park

This is something you won’t be interested in spending your time if you are there for booze and party, no one would like to drain their whole day energy at some water park when you have a lot to do at Ayia Napa nightlife.

But if you made a mistake of making a family visit then this is the most suitable place for your kids to enjoy their day.


  • Konnos Bay: this beach is known for its preserved natural beauty, if you want to spend some alone time away from city crowd and resorts then this can be the perfect destination.
  • Nissi Beach: it’s where you can truly experience the Ayia Napa nightlife, a beautifully developed beach for the family and bachelors fun. Beachside clubs and DJ’s will keep the junkie inside you alive.

Sea Caves

One of the most beautiful you can’t afford to miss.

These caves have been carved by sea currents over the course of thousands of years.  These caves witnessed thousands of years of human evolution and are definitely a perfect place to have great photo sessions. Caution: the beauty of these caves might make you forget about the Ayia Napa nightlife for a while.

Boat trip, Fishing and Sea Diving

Gone those days when Ayia Napa strip was known for its clubs and resort parties, now the government has taken care of spending your daytime at its best.

Sea diving can have an incredibly calming effect on someone sick of fast-moving urban life, you can experience some restorative benefits of these boat trips, fishing, and sea diving.

ayia napa stripnightlife

Ayia Napa Square

The clubbers paradise, yes, Ayia Napa Square. Ayia Napa Square doesn’t require an introduction. One of the best party destinations in not just Cyprus but whole Europe.

Ayia Napa nightlife is one of the prime objectives of tourists to visit Cyprus. You will definitely find the atmosphere very friendly and mesmerizing.


Moving Abroad

If you have visited Cyprus and you would like to move here permanently (why wouldn’t you???) then there is some important information that you need to know.

cartoon diagram of houses placed on every continent

Who can move here


Citizens from all over the world can move to Cyprus, however, there are different rules and regulations that are taken into consideration when Cyprus decides whether to accept or reject your application.

EU and EEA Citizens


It is very easy to move to Cyprus if you are a citizen of another EU member state, Switzerland or in the European Economic Area. There are no restrictions on any citizens looking to reside in Cyprus from these places. You will enjoy the same rights as Cypriot citizens and are able to seek employment immediately and without restrictions.

If you spend more than three months residing in Cyprus you will have to reply for a yellow slip, or more officially known as the Registration Certificate for EU Nationals. Applications for a yellow slip must be made within the first 4 months of entering the Republic of Cyprus.

Non-EU citizens


There are significant restrictions placed on people moving to Cyprus from non-EU member states. For example, people from Australia and New Zealand have a much more rigorous application and stricter regulations despite being considered friendly countries to Cyprus.

If you are from a non-EU country and looking to take permanent residence in Cyprus you can apply for the Scheme for Naturalization of Investors in Cyprus by Exception citizenship. This enables a person to obtain a citizenship in Cyprus providing that they meet one of two requirements:

  1. They have investments in Cyprus totaling at least $2 million EURO
  2. Their salary generates at least $100,000 EURO in taxes over a three year period.

If still keen to move to Cyprus then start filling out the application. I guarantee that you won’t regret it!

First time travel

10 Crucial traveling tips for the first-time tourist

Choose your holiday destination wisely


The first step is to choose a holiday destination that will be a memorable experience, but most importantly a safe one. Whether your intention is to visit a sun-soaked country like Australia, going alpine skiing in Switzerland or go for a safari in South Africa, it is vital that you settle on a destination that everybody will enjoy.


Shop online for great flight deals


airplane rising through the clouds


Having settled on a location, the next step is to find affordable flights. Now you can go into a travel agency but in my experience, the smartest way to book a flight is by using a credible online flight dealer like Webjet.

Book your accommodation


a happy hotel staff member


Having booked a flight, you need to make sure you have somewhere to stay. Be smart during this step as the wrong choice can make for a nightmare vacation. Don’t just book accommodation for the first leg of your trip either. It is much less stressful if you have ensured you have accommodation sorted for every location that you will be visiting. To adequately perform this task make sure to use a website like TripAdvisor to see what others have thought of the venue you will be staying in.

Make sure you know how you’ll get around


There is nothing worse than hopping straight out of the airport and then having no idea how to get to your hotel or hostel. This is particularly frustrating in a country that does not speak the same language as you. Utilize google prior to your trip so that you are comfortable in knowing how you’ll get from the airport to your accommodation upon arrival.

Google attractions and eateries


While waiting to jet off on your trip try spending a night or two gathering information about things to do and places to eat. This will make it a lot easier when you land in a tourist area and you are confronted with numerous choice for things that you can do and places that you can eat or drink. How will you know which ones will leave a lasting impression? Well, by googling these activities and establishments beforehand of course!


Make sure your passport is valid


Trust me, this one is crucial and overlooked more often than you would think. Imagine it is the night before your flight, your wife has told you to get the passports out of the safe and you realize your passport expired 7 months ago. Well, that’s going to make it impossible to board that next day flight and all the planning and preparation will have been for nothing.


Copy all your documents and leave them with a friend


It is very easy when traveling to misplace documents that contain vital information. Ensure that you leave a copy of these items safe at home with a family member or friend in case you lose valuable information whilst overseas.


Purchase travel insurance


It is bad enough having to be admitted to a hospital while on holiday but imagine the frustration when you receive a $20,000 bill due to the fact you are not covered by local healthcare. By taking out travel insurance you can rest safely in the knowledge that if anything were to go wrong while away you will be safely covered.


Pack efficiently


You are guaranteed to forget something when packing for a holiday but make sure to make the most of the space in the suitcase by packing effectively. This means filling up every hole. For example, shoes can be used to store socks and rolling your clothes instead of folding them leaves them not only more space-efficient but less wrinkled when you reach your destination.

Confirm your flights and do a passport check


Make sure on the day that you are traveling to log onto the airport website to make sure the flight is going ahead. Finally, when leaving for the airport ensure that you have your passport on you. It’s an obvious one but one that many people overlook!

Follow these steps and your first holiday will be a lot less stressful. Enjoy your trip!

Is Cyprus Safe?

If you think Cyprus is not a safe place to visit, think again


aerial beach view of Limassol, Cyprus


With the increase in terrorist attacks throughout Europe in recent years, travelers are increasingly becoming concerned with ensuring that they choose the safest places when planning their vacations. As political instability continues to heighten throughout the Middle East, tourists are taking an ever-closer look at the map when selecting their summer holiday destination. An unlucky victim of geography, Cyprus has unfortunately been falsely labeled by some as a potentially unstable destination for tourists. We are here to argue to the contrary, and answer the question on the mind of concerned travelers, is it safe to travel to Cyprus?

Why do some consider Cyprus unsafe?


This reason some consider Cyprus unsafe usually refers to two simple reasons:

map of Cyprus and surrounding countries1)      Where Cyprus resides on the map

Nestled in the far Eastern corner of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is surrounded by Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon to the East, Egypt to the South, Greece to the West and Turkey to the North. With Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey all experiencing recent terrorist incidents over the past several years, some falsely consider Cyprus to be a potential target due to its close proximity to these regions.


the exclusion zone in Nicosia, Cyprus2)      Due to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus

In July 1974, a series of events led to Turkey invading Cyprus. The outcome of this event resulted in the country being split, with Turkey now inhabiting the Northern portion of the Island and the Republic of Cyprus occupying the Southern region.  Whilst this has caused division, by the 16th August of 1974 peace had been restored and while tension still remains between the North and the South, there is no instability in the South where tourists are welcomed with open arms and no threat of war exists.


Providing evidence that the Republic of Cyprus is a safe travel option


Released every 2 years the World Economic Forum publishes a Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report that evaluates the safety of countries worldwide based on factors such as common crime and violence, the number of terrorist incidents, and homicide rate per 100,000 population.  The 2015 Report provides evidence of Cyprus’s safety, while the surrounding countries languish in the rankings (Lebanon 94, Egypt 83, Israel 72 with Iraq Not Ranked), Cyprus is ranked a very healthy 36, well above countries considered desirable tourist destinations including Greece, France, Italy, the USA and the United Kingdom.

It is reports like the one above that continues to provide evidence to the traveling public to avoid hysteria and use your head. Cyprus, a wonderful tourist destination with warm, welcoming locals and many beautiful beaches and locations to see!