The top 5 best beaches in Cyprus

Cyprus is a land of love and passion, with more than 2 million tourists visiting Cyprus every year this small island definitely have some serious things to offer.

When it comes to talking about the main tourist attraction of Cyprus it ranges from beautifully sun-soaked beaches, their cuisine, mountain, cultural and historical heritage, beautiful sunsets and yes, parties and lot of parties.

Cyprus is a methodological birthplace of Aphrodite (Greek goddess of love and passion) before Aphrodite reached the goddess status, she was a beautiful girl who was born and lived on the island near Paphos. You can expect the trip to Cyprus to be more than just a party at Ayia Napa square.

Now let’s get back to the beaches of Cyprus and what are they famous for, Cyprus is the third largest and best tourist destination island in the Mediterranean sea. the reason behind the fame of this island is the number of Blue flag award to the islands here, the blue flag is an award which recognized the environmental quality and the water suitability for the bathing and swimming.

Cyprus beaches are continuously ranked very high in terms of clarity and cleanliness in comparison to the to the other beaches of Europe, Cyprus government is working hard to maintain the good health of beaches, you will find many diversities in the beaches, dark sand, light sand, private havens (If you can afford them), water sports and activities, etc.

best beaches in cyprus

­­Here is a list of Best beaches in Cyprus with their unique qualities.


Makronissos Beach:

One of the very popular beach in Cyprus is Makronissos beach, three small bays comprises to make this strip.

Beach contains chalky while sand, and fairly sheltered. This beach is a perfect location for the sunbathing and the water activities. The water here is a crystal clear which attracts many tourists across the world.

You can expect all kind of facilities to be provided due to its high tourist footfall, this beach has some serious restaurants that offer world-class seafood. Makronissos beach is definitely within the best beaches in cyprus.

Coral Bay:

Coral Bay is a paradise for the people who love to spend time under the sun, cozy warmth in the air and a golden sand make it a perfect destination to spend some peaceful time while soaking some vitamin D.

Blue flag certified water is very crystal clean and perfect place to enjoy swimming. This beach is filled with the umbrellas and sun lounger.

Nissi Beach:

We all know why Nissi Beach is famous for and why it is considered best beaches in Cyprus. Despite Nissi beach’s reputation as a world party destination and its crazy nightlife, there is a flip side of a coin as well.

Nissi beach is incredibly beautiful with the white sand, clear and shallow water.

Konnos Bay:

This is a lovely hidden beach not more than 2 km north of Cavo Greko, this beach provides perfect swimming conditions for the children since the water is very calm here.

If your motive is to find peace with not disturbance then this is a perfect destination for you.

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