The Best Places To Travel In Cyprus On This National Independence Day

Cyprus celebrates its independence day on 1st of October every year. Cyprus got its independence from the British rule after the 5 years of struggle and guerrilla wars.

History of Cyprus Independence Day

Cyprus was recognized as a colony of British for many centuries, because of the location of Cyprus it had a great strategic importance in the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus had been ruled by the Ottoman, Byzantine, Greek, Egyptian, Persian, Assyrian and Phoenician empires.


What is the best thing to do in Cyprus?

Cyprus has got quite a long tourist season, the best time to visit Cyprus is from April to October, that means the Independence Day comes within to best time to visit Cyprus. There are many things that you can do in Cyprus on their national independence day.

Cypriots celebrate their independence day with festivals at school and community; and a big parade that happens in the capital city Nicosia. If you are someone who is quite interested in the military parade then national Independence Day is the best time to check the country’s military hardware.

Since it’s a national holiday and a very important day of the history of Cyprus, you will be able to enjoy many different things.

Parades are for the daytime, you can enjoy some great time at the local pubs and bars, and if you are party animal then Ayia Napa is the best place to visit.


One of the greatest advantages of this little island is its offering an enormous assortment of attractions, landscape, and exercises connected together by an incredible street framework.

Because of the small size of island no-matter wherever you remain, you can get to practically anyplace else in about day.

By far most of the sightseers start their stumble on the limited waterfront strip in the south, which has the major towns of Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos, each with a noteworthy old town, promenade and mainstream shorelines.


The top 5 best beaches in Cyprus

Cyprus is a land of love and passion, with more than 2 million tourists visiting Cyprus every year this small island definitely have some serious things to offer.

When it comes to talking about the main tourist attraction of Cyprus it ranges from beautifully sun-soaked beaches, their cuisine, mountain, cultural and historical heritage, beautiful sunsets and yes, parties and lot of parties.

Cyprus is a methodological birthplace of Aphrodite (Greek goddess of love and passion) before Aphrodite reached the goddess status, she was a beautiful girl who was born and lived on the island near Paphos. You can expect the trip to Cyprus to be more than just a party at Ayia Napa square.

Now let’s get back to the beaches of Cyprus and what are they famous for, Cyprus is the third largest and best tourist destination island in the Mediterranean sea. the reason behind the fame of this island is the number of Blue flag award to the islands here, the blue flag is an award which recognized the environmental quality and the water suitability for the bathing and swimming.

Cyprus beaches are continuously ranked very high in terms of clarity and cleanliness in comparison to the to the other beaches of Europe, Cyprus government is working hard to maintain the good health of beaches, you will find many diversities in the beaches, dark sand, light sand, private havens (If you can afford them), water sports and activities, etc.

best beaches in cyprus

­­Here is a list of Best beaches in Cyprus with their unique qualities.


Makronissos Beach:

One of the very popular beach in Cyprus is Makronissos beach, three small bays comprises to make this strip.

Beach contains chalky while sand, and fairly sheltered. This beach is a perfect location for the sunbathing and the water activities. The water here is a crystal clear which attracts many tourists across the world.

You can expect all kind of facilities to be provided due to its high tourist footfall, this beach has some serious restaurants that offer world-class seafood. Makronissos beach is definitely within the best beaches in cyprus.

Coral Bay:

Coral Bay is a paradise for the people who love to spend time under the sun, cozy warmth in the air and a golden sand make it a perfect destination to spend some peaceful time while soaking some vitamin D.

Blue flag certified water is very crystal clean and perfect place to enjoy swimming. This beach is filled with the umbrellas and sun lounger.

Nissi Beach:

We all know why Nissi Beach is famous for and why it is considered best beaches in Cyprus. Despite Nissi beach’s reputation as a world party destination and its crazy nightlife, there is a flip side of a coin as well.

Nissi beach is incredibly beautiful with the white sand, clear and shallow water.

Konnos Bay:

This is a lovely hidden beach not more than 2 km north of Cavo Greko, this beach provides perfect swimming conditions for the children since the water is very calm here.

If your motive is to find peace with not disturbance then this is a perfect destination for you.

You are worried about expensive hotels then you can definitely try renting short term apartments.

events in cyprus

Our Top 10 Fun Events In Cyprus For The Whole Family

Cyprus has got its reputation for one of the best holiday destination in Europe, it’s not just the parties that attract the crowd from all over the world.

Cyprus contains many heritage values and has many archeological sites to visit. Cyprus is known for its hospitality and beaches.

However, it’s not just the beaches and heritage sites that Cyprus has to offer, tourists are invited to join there their huge variety of Cyprus events and festivals that take place every year. If you are worried about staying short-term in Cyprus then you can book a service apartment for your family.

Let’s discuss the best events in Cyprus that you can enjoy.

Limassol wine festival

This is the most popular Cyprus event held in Limassol. This is the time when most famous vineries gather together and offer unlimited wine samples, in addition to the wine tasting, everyone is invited for pressing the grapes while listening to the music.

This festival attracts tourists from all over the world. This event in Cyprus held for 10 days every year from the end week of August to the starting week of September.

Wine festival event at Cyprus

Paphos Aphrodite festival

If you are an opera lover and have a good taste for dramatic music then this is an event you should definitely not miss.
This is the festival held in celebration of Aphrodite (goddess of love and passion).
This festival first started in 1999 and has been organized every year since then. You will be able to enjoy many famous opera singers in the event.

Flower festival Limassol

This festival is held in the honor of Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility.

This flower festival is held in the second weekend of the May

Visitors will be able to enjoy the different kind of floral exhibition, flower parade, music, and dance.

Lemesos carnival

Lemesos carnival is one of the most important events of Cyprus when local people joint carnival parade being dressed in colorful costumes. This festival is taken place for 11 straight days.

Carnival is held every year from the end of February to beginning of March.

Cyprus international film festival

If you are a movie lover and enjoy watching movies in the different niche then this event is something you should definitely plan your trip for.

Different film producers from all over the world feature their film in the film festival in Nicosia each other.

This festival is also a great opportunity for the new directors and film producers to exhibit their work in front of the world.

A unique destination with stunning landscapes, a rich cultural heritage, and friendly locals, the tiny island of Cyprus offers an array of wonderful things to see and do that are bound to keep you busy throughout your stay.

Street art festival

This art festival has gained popularity in recent years and more than 10,000 people take part in this festival.

This festival takes place in early May in town Limassol in Saripolu Street.

Local people join the street festival through binging colors and creating their own masterpiece. People come up with their message to society and their artwork.

it’s a great experience to be a part of art festival at this big level, you will be able to enjoy music, graffiti, paintings, food, and drinks.

It’s a very joyous moment to see the whole city painted in different colors.

cyprus events, events in cyprus

Rose festival in Agros

Agros is considered to be leading rose and rose product village in Cyprus. Local people of Agros held this rose festival for the people around the world.

You can enjoy a different type of local food and drinks, traditional village craft, visit various workshops and dance and music is a compulsory thing in every festival in Cyprus.

This festival is held in mid of May.


Film | Constantia Open Air Cinema

This can be a great experience for you, watching a movie in an open field can be an amazing experience.

This event is held in Nicosia throughout the summers, they have been taking advantage of dry air of summers and enjoying the evening with outdoor cinema theatres. They start showcasing movies every day at 9 pm throughout the summers.

The Ayia Napa Strip Is The Best Way To Experience Cyprus’ Nightlife

What Is Ayia Napa Stip Famous For?

Ayia Napa strip is best famous for its nightlife for decades, its one the places which provide the best nightlife in whole Europe.

Whether you are looking for a crazy holiday, family trip or just a break from your boring and hectic job, Ayia Napa strip always has something to offer to whatever your needs are.

Why it is the best tourist destination in Europe

Beautiful beaches: Since Cyprus is an island you can expect to enjoy beautiful sunsets from every corner of the country. Cyprus is known for its beautiful beaches.

A huge number of clubs: Cyprus has been known for the nightlife and pubs from ages and Aiya Napa strip is leading place for clubbers across Europe. This, in turn, leads to gaining a lot of tourist attraction and a huge number of new clubs openings.

Supportive government: the government of Cyprus is very supportive towards the promotion of tourism and

It is doing everything to promote more tourism.

Its people: Cyprus is a birthplace of Aphrodite, Aphrodite is a goddess of love and passion. People from all over the globe come to Cyprus in search of fun, love, and passion.

Coolest things to do at Ayia Napa Strip

Thalassa museum

Despite being one of the coolest party destinations in whole Europe, Ayia Napa strip also accommodates one of the best museums in Cyprus.

This museum contains great historically significant proof about Cyprus culture and artifacts.

If you are on a family trip then this place is something you must visit, but even your purpose of staying as Ayia Napa is to party then also you can spare daytime to know about the history of Cyprus.

Waterworld Water Park

This is something you won’t be interested in spending your time if you are there for booze and party, no one would like to drain their whole day energy at some water park when you have a lot to do at Ayia Napa nightlife.

But if you made a mistake of making a family visit then this is the most suitable place for your kids to enjoy their day.


  • Konnos Bay: this beach is known for its preserved natural beauty, if you want to spend some alone time away from city crowd and resorts then this can be the perfect destination.
  • Nissi Beach: it’s where you can truly experience the Ayia Napa nightlife, a beautifully developed beach for the family and bachelors fun. Beachside clubs and DJ’s will keep the junkie inside you alive.

Sea Caves

One of the most beautiful you can’t afford to miss.

These caves have been carved by sea currents over the course of thousands of years.  These caves witnessed thousands of years of human evolution and are definitely a perfect place to have great photo sessions. Caution: the beauty of these caves might make you forget about the Ayia Napa nightlife for a while.

Boat trip, Fishing and Sea Diving

Gone those days when Ayia Napa strip was known for its clubs and resort parties, now the government has taken care of spending your daytime at its best.

Sea diving can have an incredibly calming effect on someone sick of fast-moving urban life, you can experience some restorative benefits of these boat trips, fishing, and sea diving.

ayia napa stripnightlife

Ayia Napa Square

The clubbers paradise, yes, Ayia Napa Square. Ayia Napa Square doesn’t require an introduction. One of the best party destinations in not just Cyprus but whole Europe.

Ayia Napa nightlife is one of the prime objectives of tourists to visit Cyprus. You will definitely find the atmosphere very friendly and mesmerizing.