Nissi Beach

Cyprus residents give their tips for the best attractions to check out

So we went ahead and interviewed 3 Cyprus residents, Christos, Nicholas, and Maria, about what the best destination spots to check out are. If you have never been to Cyprus this is the article for you. It gives tips and recommendations for some of the best attractions travelers must visit.

What Cypriots have to say about these attractions

1. Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is a great resort town. This Mediterranean town is full of wonderful and white sandy beaches. And according to Maria, it’s a place to die for.

Makronissos beach, Nissi beach… These beaches are popular for their wonderful seafront restaurants and night clubs. If you are the romantic kind, then you and your special someone will enjoy the sunsets at Makronissos beach, the clear waters, and white sand.

Now if you are a person that loves history, then head on to the infamous storied Venetian-era Ayia Napa Monastery.  And the plus is the bars and clubs that surround it.

Cape Greco National park is also great for nature lovers. Other things you can do here is to go hiking and boat tours.
As per Maria’s review, this is a place that most non Cyprus residents will enjoy. From snorkeling to clubbing, you will get it all here.

2. Kourion

Kourion TheatreIn Limassol is Kourin. This is an archaeological site to behold. Apparently or as history would have it, it was infamous for being an important ancient city Kingdom of Cyprus.  Nicholas has lived in Limassol for quite a while. And he had a lot to say about it.

Speaking of archaeology is the mosaics that decorate the floors of Kourion. As Nicholas explained, it will take your breath away.

In Kourin, you will also find the ancient Kourion Theatre. It has a great view of the Mediterranean. With a large spectatorship of 3500, the theatre has become host to lots of musicals and theatric events.

3. These Cyprus residents had a lot to say about Aphrodite’s Rock

According to Christos, he had a lovely time when he visited this infamous rock. The three of them were in agreement. It is a wonderful site to see, with a beautiful beach and clear water. Make sure to put your name on the rock when you visit.