Is Cyprus Safe?

If you think Cyprus is not a safe place to visit, think again


aerial beach view of Limassol, Cyprus


With the increase in terrorist attacks throughout Europe in recent years, travelers are increasingly becoming concerned with ensuring that they choose the safest places when planning their vacations. As political instability continues to heighten throughout the Middle East, tourists are taking an ever-closer look at the map when selecting their summer holiday destination. An unlucky victim of geography, Cyprus has unfortunately been falsely labeled by some as a potentially unstable destination for tourists. We are here to argue to the contrary, and answer the question on the mind of concerned travelers, is it safe to travel to Cyprus?

Why do some consider Cyprus unsafe?


This reason some consider Cyprus unsafe usually refers to two simple reasons:

map of Cyprus and surrounding countries1)      Where Cyprus resides on the map

Nestled in the far Eastern corner of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is surrounded by Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon to the East, Egypt to the South, Greece to the West and Turkey to the North. With Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey all experiencing recent terrorist incidents over the past several years, some falsely consider Cyprus to be a potential target due to its close proximity to these regions.


the exclusion zone in Nicosia, Cyprus2)      Due to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus

In July 1974, a series of events led to Turkey invading Cyprus. The outcome of this event resulted in the country being split, with Turkey now inhabiting the Northern portion of the Island and the Republic of Cyprus occupying the Southern region.  Whilst this has caused division, by the 16th August of 1974 peace had been restored and while tension still remains between the North and the South, there is no instability in the South where tourists are welcomed with open arms and no threat of war exists.


Providing evidence that the Republic of Cyprus is a safe travel option


Released every 2 years the World Economic Forum publishes a Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report that evaluates the safety of countries worldwide based on factors such as common crime and violence, the number of terrorist incidents, and homicide rate per 100,000 population.  The 2015 Report provides evidence of Cyprus’s safety, while the surrounding countries languish in the rankings (Lebanon 94, Egypt 83, Israel 72 with Iraq Not Ranked), Cyprus is ranked a very healthy 36, well above countries considered desirable tourist destinations including Greece, France, Italy, the USA and the United Kingdom.

It is reports like the one above that continues to provide evidence to the traveling public to avoid hysteria and use your head. Cyprus, a wonderful tourist destination with warm, welcoming locals and many beautiful beaches and locations to see!