Kourion, the Tomb of Kings and other ancient sites that you have to visit in Cyprus

There are a lot of great places to visit in Cyprus. Besides the white sandy beaches, fancy restaurants, and vibrant nightclubs, there is a lot of history here. The place is rich with history. And all these archaeological sites make Cyprus island a great tourist attraction in Europe. The island was ruled by empires for centuries. Lots of tourists visit here. Now if you are a person who gets fascinated by history, you will definitely love it here.

Apparently, people have been living in Cyprus since the pre-historical period. They have beautiful museums and ruins for tourists to learn about the Cypriot culture. So where should you begin?

Best ancient places to visit in Cyprus.

1. Ancient Kourion

This archaeological site is the pick of every tourist I must say.  This place is magical. Situated in Limassol, this place has a theatre, an early Christian basilica, the Byzantine basilica, the House of Eustolios, among other ancient features. This theatre was used by Romans to watch gladiators fighting.

In the villas, they have well-preserved mosaics that depict gods and goddesses. If history is what you are looking to uncover, Kourion should be at the top of your list.

 2. The Tombs of Kings

tombs of kingsThis amazing tourist attraction is located in Paphos. The Tombs of  Kings are part of the Archaeological Park of Kato. I will have you know that the park has been on UNESCO World Heritage Sites list since 1980.

This archaeological site is renowned for its underground tombs.  Buried here are kings and aristocrats. What makes this archaeological attraction great is its large size. SOme resemble the houses of the living.

3. Aphrodite’s Rock

aphrodite's rockThis site is one of the major tourist sites. It is also very mythical. They have a great beach with crystal clear water. While you visit here you can walk on the beach and enjoy the waters.

This area is packed with romantic history. Where do we begin? The name itself…

Aphrodite means sea form. As history has it, this goddess of beauty, love, and fertility was born at sea.

The other name is Petra tou Romiou in Greek. It means Rock of the Greek. The aphrodite’s rock is large, surrounded by small ones. Apparently, if you swim around the rock, you will be eternally beautiful.

This list doesn’t even begin to do justice to the vast archaeological places to visit in Cyprus. You can get online and see more…