paphos life

Life in Paphos is well worth experiencing

While Cyprus is best known for its good weather, gorgeous beaches and party life there is a city located at the southwest of Cyprus, known as Paphos. Paphos is also known as a birth place of the Greek goddess Aphrodite so you can expect to experience many historical spots in this city.

UNESCO has included Paphos in their official list of cultural and natural treasures of the world’s heritage.

Paphos contains many things to offer to its visitors apart from places with cultural values. Let’s have a look at activities that can make your trip well worth experiencing.

paphos lifeScuba diving and Blue Lagoon

While Cyprus might not be the most famous country for scuba diving but it offers world-class scuba diving sites which are ideal for the beginner’s scuba divers.

With the crystal clear water and offshore reefs, Paphos offers very beautiful scuba experience. Additionally, Paphos also offers incredibly beautiful blue lagoons where you can just jump off the boat and go snorkeling in the extremely clear tortoise waters.

Historical and archeological places

The whole city of Paphos has been recognized as world heritage by UNESCO, and I will require to write a whole new article about the historical importance of this city.

You can visit beautiful Paphos fort which is probably the most famous things to experience at Paphos, then you can explore Tombs of the Kings which is also a top tourist attraction.

Scenic view

Paphos offers a wide variety of beautiful views, ranging from beautiful beaches to fabulous string of mountains.

For a change of scenery, you could always take to the Troodos Mountains. It’s the largest range on the island, with Cyprus’ tallest peak, Mount Olympus.

Walk around the city

Paphos is a beautiful city with a lot of street art and its best experience through walking around. Life truly feels positive with that beautiful artwork and diversified culture that makes the city more beautiful.

paphos lifeCat village

This city is a cat lover’s haven, there is an orphanage for cats. This cat village contains hundreds of cats living, eating and playing together. You can make a visit to the cat village and spend some beautiful time with those adorable creatures.

Late night fun

Cyprus description is incomplete without the mention of its late night fun, paphos contains many night bars and nightclubs that offer you full enjoyment.