Restaurants in Larnaca that are worth checking out

There are lots of high-end restaurants in Larnaca. Being a beautiful coastal town, Larnaca prides itself on the long sandy beaches. And where there are beaches, restaurants have to be. These lively restaurants serve a wide array of fantastic cuisines. The restaurants are all over the place. Both in the city and the Island. The plus about these hotels is that they can fit any budget.

One thing you are going to enjoy most is the friendly service you will get in these restaurants. Most oof them are family owned. These are some of the qualities that make them so appealing to tourists and the locals too.

The best places to eat while you are visiting Larnaca.

Aquarium Bar Café

restaurant on a boat

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As mentioned above, this one is a family owned bar. Located on the old pier of the marina, this is a great place where you can enjoy and admire what the island of Cyprus is all about. Did I forget to mention that this is one of the restaurants in Larnaca that is on a boat? It is an experience worth experiences.

One advantage is that you can choose to dine both indoors and outdoors. They serve some great meals which include meat, definitely seafood, among other mouth-watering dishes. Don’t go overboard…


Lithos Bar & Grill

Much as it has been in existence since 2006, this spot was recently renovated. If you love your liquor, then you will find a great selection of these from various places in the world. They also have some great local and international cuisines. And this makes Lithos a great tourists spot.

Now, the good thing about Lithos is that they allow people to host private parties. You can accommodate up to 200 people. It is a great entertainment spot with big screens to watch your favorite sports as you wine and dine.


Restaurants in Larnaca like the Campanario Steak House

steakThis is a great steakhouse that serves great steak. Think lean and tender. They are famously known for their Beef Wellington and Cheese Delight Steak . The ambiance is amazing and they have great service.  When here, steak is your best bet. And for dessert, try the chocolate ice cream cake.