Short Term Apartments To Rent In Nicosia, Limassol And Larnaca

Planning a lengthy vacation can prove to be heavy on your pocket, whether you are staying in another city for a business trip or a holiday. It’s always a great Idea to have freedom and cost-effective trip.

My name is Harsh Chauhan and I have a vast experience of traveling different cities across the globe due to my job, I have visited Nicosia, Limassol, and Larnaca many times and let me share my experience with you.

While choosing for the accommodation, it can be confusing to choose between rented apartments or budget hotels. Before the evolution of rented apartment’s services I always had to book costly hotel rooms but now this new style of renting the whole apartment has saved thousands of Euros for me.

If you are looking for a place to live not just to sleep then having a rented apartment is the perfect option for you.

Variables to consider before choosing between Rented service apartments and the budget hotels.

  • Stay length: If you are planning a short 2-4 days trip then there won’t be any considerable difference between the budgets of both options.
  • A number of travelers: If you are traveling in a group of more than 3 people then renting an apartment is always going to be easy on your pocket.
  • Purpose: If the purpose of the trip is enjoyment then you can have better flexibility with renting an apartment, you will be able to cook food and flexibility with time.

If you are planning to get an apartment for rent in Larnaca then you can get the best services and cost-effective apartments through online rented apartment providers “Lazuli”.

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Benefits of Renting Apartments Instead Booking Hotel Rooms:

Large Space: Service apartments are definitely bigger in size, standard budget hotels are 150 sq feet big, but most of the personal rented apartments include hall, rooms, kitchen, dining area, and balcony.

Economical on Per Head Basis: If you are planning to travel in the group then renting an apartment is going to be a cheaper option on per head basis. Hotels are going to charge you on per person basis where rent of apartments is charged on monthly basis.

Self Cooking with Fully Equipped Kitchen: If you are planning a long trip then having a personal kitchen will make the trip more healthy, comfortable and economical as well.
You can cook your own food and cook own food is always cheaper than going to restaurants.

Flexible Work Ethics: You can have an at home experience at rented apartments, you will be flexible to have your in and out timing, any number of guests and do whatever you want. Additionally, rented apartments have short notice cancelation policies as well. You can call for the on-demand services like laundry, housekeeping, food, etc.

Home Comforts: You can have an at home experience at rented apartments, with separate living and sleeping spaces. You can get all kind of entertainment equipment like play station, television, music system, and Wi-Fi and telephone line.

Personal Touch: A personal apartment always provides a home experience, you can customize the look and feel of your apartment, you can cook your own food, you can invite your friends, and you can relax like you do at home.

Privacy: Once you book a private apartment, that’s it. It’s you and your privacy, you can relax, work, party or whatever the f**k you want. No one is going to bother you about the terms and conditions. Additionally, you don’t need to book a separate conference room to have a meeting; you can make it possible in the living room or dining area.

Security & Room Services: One of the primary concern most of the people have is about security and the room services that won’t be available like a hotel. Believe me, there days many startups (like lazuli) are working tirelessly to make your rented apartment experience as great as a luxury hotel experience. These rented apartments are providing 24*7 security staff and room service staff, they will help you with your laundry, clean up, food orders, etc.

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How To Get Apartments In Nicosia, Limassol, And Larnaca:

Best Option To Book Apartments For Rent Larnaca

  • Online rented apartment service Lazuli

Best Option To book Apartments For Rent Nicosia

  • Book your homes for local apartments from Airbnb
  • Try

Best Option To Book Apartments For Rent Limassol