The Very Best Hotels To Check Out In Paphos 

Paphos is a mythical birthplace of love and passion goddess Aphrodite, so you can assume this city is going to offer a lot of archeological sites to visit.

Paphos is a perfect city for those searching for peace and interested in knowing the rich past of this city with a lot of monuments and landmarks that are well known all over the world, hotels in Paphos have taken care of the archeological significance of this place and the best of hotels have infused the great history of Paphos in their hotels.

Paphos has got a lot of historical treasures that will surely attract the attention of many people, places like Paphos Fort, Sanctuary of Aphrodite, and Archaeological Museum, Tombs of the Kings, Agora & Odeon, and House of Dionysus

hotels in paphos

Let’s discuss the best hotels in Paphos to check-in, to have the best of the experience in Paphos.

The Elysium

There are hundreds of hotels in Paphos but there is nothing like “The Elysium”. In the Greek methodology, Elysium means “Blissful place”. This is a landmark hotel in the Paphos just a few steps away from the site with the greatest archeological site (Tombs of kings).

Inspired by the design style of European empires architects. Arches and columns will surely provide you a feeling of warm welcome and well being.

Guests dining experience is taken too much serious here, support staff of the hotel will help you in every way possible. One thing that I personally like is their sensitivity towards disables, ramps and lifts are provided throughout the hotel to create a blissful experience for someone on a wheel chair.

Alexander the Great Beach Hotel

The location of the hotel is the best you can get in that area. A beautiful beach hotel with all the required amenities to make your visit very comfortable and enjoyable.

This is a vintage resort with a very vintage looking architecture, and archeological artifacts can be seen everywhere on site.

One of the best things that I loved is the food taste, they are serving one the best-prepared dishes. Supporting staff is excellent and attentive.

With over 200 available rooms, half of them offer beach view which makes the stay more satisfying.

Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos

It provides everything that you expect to be available at any beachside resort, with great design and seafront location makes it one of the best locations to spend your time at Paphos.

The resort is located 10 min walk away from Paphos harbor which consists one of the world’s finest archeological sites. The menu of the Olympic lagoon resort is filled with mouthwatering local flavors and have incredibly tasty seafood to offer.

With the wooden furniture and white and cream curtains make a room filled with positive vibes, all rooms have private balcony where you can enjoy the morning cup of coffee or a glass of beer while watching the sunset.

hotels in paphos

Aphrodite Hills Resort

With a place possessing astonishing beaches it feels different to stay at hill resort, but believe us it’s worth every penny.

Surrounded by the island’s finest golf course this hill resorts will take you the new level of calmness.

I believe now you got an idea for the best hotels to check out in Paphos, but if you have a limited budget then these hotels in out top list might not be suitable for you. Don’t worry we have a perfect solution for you, you can try apartments for rent, you can get the best of your money through renting an apartment.