pafos zoo

Keep The Kids Entertained With A Visit To Pafos Zoo

About Pafos Zoo

Pafos zoo concept was first initiated by Mr. Christos Christoforou’s due to his love for birds. So basically it was about to get started as a bird park but then management decided to develop the whole zoo on a different level.

Pafos zoo took 3 years to get completed and finally opened in the year 2003. Pafos zoo is the first and largest established zoo in Cyprus, it is constructed of 1,00,000 sqm.

This zoo has many things to offer, from the extensive verity of birds species to the animal for all the corners of the globe. Despite being located on the small island, Pafos zoo offers a variety of wildlife experience like a rhino, the white lion, giraffe, monkeys, meerkats, kangaroos, crocodiles, etc.

Important Guidelines

Like any other place, this zoo has few guidelines to be taken care off.

  • Since the zoo is open 365 days, you need to dress appropriately.
  • There is going to be a minimum admission fee to visit the zoo.
  • They have the largest collection of parrots and venomous snakes, so the tour is extended to maximum 15 travelers group.
  • Children must be accompanied by parents.
  • Feeding food to animals is strictly prohibited.
  • It’s better to pre-plan a ride from your hotel or short-term apartment to the zoo.

Why It’s Great Idea To Take Kids To Zoo.

  • Environmental awareness: you can bring some awareness to your child towards environment and wildlife, we are living in a world where many animal species are on the verge of depletion. Visiting such zoo will make your kids aware of the true beauty of wildlife.
  • Education programs: they must have been studying about many animal species but never saw them. It’s important for your kids to know about the different species of different animals in the animal kingdom.
  • Recreation: having a well-spent time at the zoo is much better than spending some time at mall checking out some useless gadgets, the zoo is going to make a positive effect on your kid’s brain and will make his perspective clear about life.
  • Discipline: it’s important to learn to respect the animals, and respect comes when you meet them face to face. You can’t understand why the lion is called a king of the jungle until you get face to face with a lion, right?
  • Animal behavior: tour guide plays an important role in the mental development of your child, he is going to let them aware of the true behavior of the different animals.
  • Animals really exist: Of course the lion doesn’t look the same in front of you as he looks on the television, it’s important for their personal development to watch those animals in real life.